Monday, January 28, 2008

Countdown: 137 days till I join the real world, which means I have 137 days to find a job!!!! :)

Hey All! I'm assuming that you have glanced over my "about me" and gained some insight into the author, me! But just in case, here's a refresher. My name is Brittani, I am 22-years-old and six months away from graduating from the U of O.

With the excitement of graduation always on my mind, the ever increasing question of what my future holds is a constant thought. I've spent the last 22 years of my life in school. Thats what I've done, but with 138 days left, the only thing I can think about is starting the next step of my life. Don't get me wrong, I love college and I love the experiences, memories and friendships I've developed while being here, but I think I'm ready for something new.

A New Beginning!!!!!

The purpose of this blog is to give some insight into the mind of a who is about to graduate college. What my fears, goals, ambitions, and tribulations are, and how I'm going to process and deal with the decisions I'm about to make.

To provide you with a little insight into the direction and interest this blog is going to take. Here's what my future plans holds as of right now. My future goals are to become an event coordinator. If you want a more technical and a clearer understanding of what type of company I want to work for, check-out Bolthouse Productions and read the 'about' section of the website. (If you recognize the name, its the production company that Heidi from 'The Hills' works for, and no I don't want to be Heidi ,I just want her Job!) :)

My idea is to start out in a production firm getting a job as an assistant or apprentice. Progressively throughout the years, I plan on moving my way up throughout the company eventually becoming an independent event coordinator with my own team. Eventually when I want to settle down and start a family, I am going to start my own event production firm in the event type I enjoy planning the most.

The reason I decided to go into event planning as my career, is because it combines all my talents and interest. I am an extremely organized, and determined person. With exceptional attention to detail. It's not about the fame, its not about the lifestyle, I enjoy the outcome that comes along with an event. The final reaction makes everything worth it. I have always been the one to plan the extravagant birthday parties for my friends, but it wasn't until I got into college and joined my sorority that I got the formal training or hands-on experience in planning, producing and executing an event. I enjoyed every minute of it. To follow that year long experience, last summer I joined the Eugene Celebration as an intern, and helped produce the three day street festival that celebrates all the is Eugene. Both of which were hands-on learning experiences, and only spurred on my dreams of becoming an event coordinator even more.

So I believe I've rambled enough as an introduction, to the life of me! Keep checking back to see what the days, weeks, and months left have to bring!


l.ementary said...

You are blogging! I am delighted!!!

Karen Russell said...

You remind me of one of my students in this post. Check her out at: