Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ever noticed that when your life is about to change or when big things happen, there is always a book to help lead you to that next step? I have. Book shelves are littered with the how to guides, and best tips, and so forth. I've always laughed and browsed right past them thinking ‘if you want to succeed, sticking your head into a book is not the way to do it!’ I'VE BEEN PROVEN WRONG! Who says there’s something wrong with a little more knowledge?!

Every year for Christmas my aunt has been sending my sister and I books. I personally have the guilty pleasure of indulging myself in romance novels. That is my idea of a good book. So usually I glance over the title and stick it on my shelf. I don't know what was different this year, maybe it was the fact that the real world is slowly inching closer, or maybe it was just the bright pink cover that grabbed my eye. Either way I sat down and actually read the book this year. Basic Black by Cathie Black 'The essential guide for getting ahead at work (and in life)'. Cathie Black is the President of Hearst Magazines and the book is just a combination of tips and rules and mantra's that she's developed over her many years of experience. A lot of what she says is common sense, but other parts she provides tools for embracing fear and gives tips on résumé’s and cover letters. Her ideas and life lesson's combined with real life stories and failures; give you a glimpse of the real world that shows you hope and reality.

With a little drive, we can all be successful. I suggest you check it out. If none the less you gain a few tips, which could potentially benefit you in the end!

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