Sunday, February 24, 2008

My teacher just passed on a link for Hospitatlity and Event Planning Networks,
which is a website that collects a variety of jobs throughout the United States that are all hospitality and events management oriented, and if you subscribes sends you a weekly newsletter of recent job opportunities.

If this is a field you are interested in, I suggest subscribing to this weekly newsletter, so that you have a heads up on job opportunities as our final days of college are coming to a close. I have already done so and am extremely excited to see what opportunities are to come my way.

Also, if you know of any hospitality or event planning job opportunities the website suggests/asks you to e-mail them to website coordinator,, and she will post it in the weekly newsletter that gets sent out you and all other subscribers.

Thought I would send out any help I could! Hope that this website helps you out, as well as me! Good luck with the hunt!

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