Sunday, February 24, 2008

Podcasting what exactly is it? How can it be used? These were all questions that this past week my class and I have been learning about. And what better way to learn about a new social media forum then to actually create one. So guess what I did!

Now a little bit of a for warning, I am not claiming to be some expert, nor do I think this is a great production, but for my first time playing with the technology or coming up with my own script, I must say I'm a little bit proud of it!

So now that I have gotten the disclaimer out of the way I will inform you of what it's actually about. Our podcast had to be PR related, so I decided to generate a podcast about tips on how to nail an interview and make/leave a lasting impression on the individual interviewing you. I pulled my advice from a variety of sources, and informed my listeners (haha, which I believe is my teacher and my mom) of the interview tips that I thought were most beneficial. So here it is my podcast. Check it out, you might learn something or it could be used for a good laugh! Hope either way it helps!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

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